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Craft Cocktails
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Our menu changes with the seasons, stop in

and discover our latest craft cocktails!



smoked ginger pear margarita - el silencio mezcal, pear, fresh lime, angostura bitters, candied ginger, smoke salted   15
cardi bees knees - empress 1908 indigo gin, fresh lemon, honey syrup, cardamom bitter   15
chai maple sour - bacardi rum, house-made chai, organic maple syrup, local egg white,allspice dusting   15
get smashed - house fig infused charbay vodka, apple juice, maple syrup   14
miss bee’havin - house infused apple & pear brandy, fresh lemon, honey syrup, topped with dry bubbles   14
gold rush sour - bulleit bourbon, fresh lemon, honey syrup, vanilla liqueur, orange bitters, local egg white   16



spicy paloma - house blanco tequila, jalapeno simple syrup, grapefruit juice   12
beet and tomato bloody mary - tito's vodka, beet & tomato juice, demitri’s seasoning   12
hot chai toddy - spiced dark rum, house made chai tea,
maple syrup, vanilla bean syrup   13



martini - humboldt vodka or bombay sapphire gin martini made to your liking   13
mule - charbay vodka, lime, ginger beer   9
phatsy old fashion - house bourbon, cherry &
orange bitters, orange, cherry syrup   10


a touch of grey - earl grey tea, blackberry

vanilla earl grey shrub, orange   7
the lux - grenadine, simple syrup, sparkling

water, luxardo cherry   4

 Ask about our selection of local wines, beers,

ciders, kombucha & natural sodas

Craft Cocktail

“The drinks are phenomenal, the service is outstanding, and the ambiance is perfect!” 

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